Myth Mutation : Anima vs Animus (gallery installation)
(Ed of 10)
As a mother raising both a son and daughter, I became very conscious of how society places expectations and categorizes roles based on gender; and as a consequence I became conscious about how society and culture places expectations on parents to perpetuate these archetypal roles on their offspring. In Jungian psychology, the Anima is the unconscious or repressed part of the male personality that manifests itself as as feminine, conversely, the Animus is the unconscious or the repressed part of the female personality that manifests itself as masculine. Jung postulated that the anima and animus are inherited archetypes, i.e. every man has inherently an unconscious feminine and every woman has an unconscious masculine. I seek to understand and question how much of our personality is a result of cultural / gender based conditioning versus our authentic self? The work, 'Myth/ Mutation : Anima vs Animus' is an artistic response to this question