Disambuguation 1Memory Box 1Memory Box 1 (close up)Anthem (gallery installation)Anthem (detail)AnthemThe Age of Magic and RealityThe Age of Magic and Reality

Rites of PassageRites of Passage (close-up)Rites of Passage (gallery installation shot)The sum total of my existenceThe sum total of my existence (close up)Twilight of the GodsTwilight of the Gods (detail)Twilight of the Gods (detail)The Anthropology of TimeThe Anthropology of Time (detail)Afternoon Tea, 1947
Afternoon Tea, 1947, detailThe Grammar of LongingThe Grammar of Longing (alternate view)Imprint Series- Glove DrawingsImprint Series- Glove DrawingsImprint Series- Glove DrawingsImprint Series - InstallationImprint Series - Installation
Objects / Installation
I re-purpose antiquarian and vintage objects, texts, prints and maps with my drawings and ascribe alternative meanings to them to create nuanced and detailed site-specific sculptural installations.