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In 'Here I Lie in My Own Separate Skin', I examine displacement, dis/location, migration and negotiation of our identities based on our skin. I reflect upon skin as a marker of (personal) history- such as birth, migration, and motherhood. I have also explored the theme of skin as mask, as a veil and as a marker for the sociocultural self. My own experiences as an Indian living in the US informs the work.
The model in the photograph is pictured veiled and looking into a courtyard, and in other parts of the image, she is bare-backed and I have drawn on her skin in blood-red ink. The skin acts as metaphor for a boundary between interior spaces and exterior spaces and between the private and the public. The work is a diptych, consisting of two photographs hung one above the other.

Here I lie in my own separate skin #2
Here I lie in my own separate skin #2
C Print
18.75 x 49.5 inches